Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another 2 weeks to go.

It has been more than 3 years i have been living my life in the city of Shah Alam. To be exact, almost 4 years. Yeah that was not a long looong duration i know, but having went through the hard and hectic days being a law student make such duration to be long enof for me. Plus, staying away from my family has added the spice to the challenges. It makes 3 years become longer than necessary. Sorry for being hyperbola. hah.

I enjoyed my study life here, the environment, my peers, the faculty, the lecturers and everything about it. Gonna miss this forever. The food? Not so much. Shah Alam has nothing special to remember about foods except for fast food lovers. I love kampung food even more. My besties, they know that. Heh.

AMALINA JAYN & CO: my firmates - sharing the ups and down together.

Time flies very fast and now, we have only 2 WEEKS MORE TO GO: i cant wait to end my long journey and life as a student. I have been studying for more than 6 years for God sake! Now i am more than ready to climb one step further to a new phase in my life - i want to start working please. 

Almost one year going thru LLB(hons), all i can say that it's a meaningful, tough, and absolutely a FULL year filled with lotsa fun and pressure. We have acquired so much knowledge out of this programme. Tonnes of works and assignments have been assigned to us, none of our day passed without assignment to be submitted. I can still remember the day where we have to stay in the office until 3 am to finish our conveyancing file which due the day after. I admit that sometimes the pressure is intolerable and those who cannot handle it any longer will even left the battle, yeah, they quit.

The buncits and all B's - my riuh classmates. 
Formal black & white attire everyday. *grrr. boring*

Adding to the challenges is the need and ability to adapt and mingle with new friends altogether, where we have to work in a firm for the whole year, 5 persons per firm need to cooperate for every single tasks assigned to us. Marks will be divided according to firm's performance so everyone is urged to cooperate for whatever reason. We must, otherwise we have to bear the unwanted risk of failing the paper.

I personally think that the key to succeed in LLB Hons is that we must be very flexible, know how to adapt with new people and environment. No choice, we must learn to make new friends, learn how to enjoy every bits of the friendship and never isolate ourselves from others because we can never cope with the stress if we continue to work alone. Evidently, this skill is necessary when we jump into the working life very soon. Afterall, being a future lawyers, we must have a very good interpersonal and soft skills.

My besties. Moments captured during our BLS graduation.

In life, we cant always opt to something that we love, cant always expect things turn out as we wish nor work with someone that we like. The art of handling people with different attitudes and background has been taught along the line.Yeah now i can see the beauty, this program is designed to prepare us to adapt with different working environment sooner.  Thanks my wonderful lecturers. We love you.

The awesomeness that i love the most about this programme is about FRIENDSHIP. I know everyone realize this.Yeah for three years during BLS (Bachelor of Legal Studies - a condition precedent before we can further the LLB hons) I have only few friends, my wonderful besties to hang out and to share every bits of my life with. 

Besties juga. :)

LLB is amazing, the way the lecturers 'shuffle' us into separate groups is actually the bonus that bestowed me with new wonderful friends to mingle with - especially my dearest classmates. They know who they are. LLB gave me the opportunity to met, mingle, work, eat, laugh and cry with new wonderful friends that I seldom say hi to (before). 

One precious lesson that i have learnt : , we can never judge a book by its cover, and yes we cannot judge our friends without first knowing them in person. It's unfair. It's a sad moment to left all things you love but life has to go friends, i love you so much. 





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