Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moving out, again?


Me and lovely little Dhia at AGC. Happy Saturday everyone!

I'm considering to rent a new house, yes again...have posted about this earlier in my previous post.
thot that my current house is the last one but again i need to reconsider the option of moving out.  reason being, 3 other pretty housemates gotta move out. zetty found a new cozy house, tasneem is about to follow her, akma is getting married today (happy wedding day akma! sorry for not being able to attend) and the one left is only two other housemates. i don't really mind about having to repack and unpack my stuff  again coz for the time being, i don't have much to bring except for one single bed. i need not rent out a lorry for that sake coz one single trip with si puteh would do. zetty invited me to join her and i'd be more than happy to do but issues that lingers my mind now are;

- it's 19th floor apartment or so called 'pent-house' - not for me an altophobia
- cramp area so i gotta be ready to park si puteh at any vacant space which may not be safe.
- If i don't move out, i need to bersabar very very much with God knows who.

Diluah mati mak,
Ditelan mati bapak.

any idea guys?


  1. pindah je la kalau tak bahagia di situ =)
    cuba atasi masalah2 tu..

  2. insyaallah, thanks wanie sudi bg pandangan :)